Four Sides Hospitality Consulting focuses on helping boutique hotels, motels, and vacation rentals thrive in a competitive marketplace. 

The Team has extensive experience in all areas of the hotel industry, from business plan development and marketing plans to operations. Their experience draws on over 60 combined years of experience and schooling, working on small, remote projects, to much larger operations in established markets. In each project they have worked with, the performance of the hotels has excelled expectations.

But we also exist to help established hoteliers and other professionals with free advice found in the Notebook, a series of writings to explore new methodologies in revenue management and marketing. We have an ongoing Resource library to help professionals decide on products to look into further, or books to consider. We are also developing new tools to assist hotel professionals in their jobs, especially new professionals who haven't had the opportunity to build their own tools and workflows. The most sought after tool to date has been a revenue pickup report, which should be quite useful to all operators. 

We hope you find the resources on this site useful, and look forward to hearing from you if you are in need of some direct assistance. 

Below are a few of the highlights we have been involved with and a few others that are about to begin working on.