The five senses are the monsters of the soul
— Leonardo da Vinci

The guests walking in the doors are the main ingredient to any successful hotel - but how well do you really know them? Names, where they are from, and how much they spent at the hotel is important. Just as important, though, is who they know, how often they stay with your hotel, what their opinion of the hotel is and the improvements they would like to make. It's also important to connect with your guests after they leave your hotel.

Thankfully, the internet offers many different solutions to do this effectively. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, blogging are the more well-known solutions. There is also email newsletters, FourSquare, Facebook Places, TripAdvisor, and online surveys.

We can help you set up all of these, and help you develop strategies on how often to use these tools, or how to get people engaged with your hotel.

We can also control the content input for you if your time is short. Any major content creation (emails, blog posts, surveys) will go through an approval process with you (or group of individuals) before being sent to the guests.

We will also help manage the results from the surveys and help you decide on which actions to take with them.