Motels can be in a unique position when it comes to their operations. Most are operated by a small team of two or three people, with some additional staff in the summer time. And yet, they can be time consuming operations and need more hands-on assistance. For motels located in southern British Columbia, or western Alberta, I am willing to visit the motel and play a larger role to help turn things around. In addition to all the services outlined on the site, I can do the following for you:

  • Install a cheap or free Property Management System, along with purchasing a laptop or desktop computer, train the staff, and setup a backup solution to keep the data protected at all times.
  • Create paperwork to help you manage the hotel efficiently (front desk, housekeeping, maintenance issues, capital improvements).
  • Help you develop a capital improvement plan, design a new logo and advertising material, and help get your motel put on the map.
  • Help you register a domain and get a website up and running.
  • Work the Front Desk for a few days and give you owner-operators a decent break.
  • Anything else that needs to be improved upon.

Pricing for a 3 day visit starts at $500, plus gas mileage to and from the motel. Accommodation must be provided for, as well - staying in the motel is reasonable.

If the motel is not within a reasonable distance of restaurants or grocery stores, meals must be provided or will be charged for.

Please Contact Me to work out the details of your requirements and a suitable date for a visit.