Free Hotel Resources (or Near Free)

The Internet is full of valuable resources directed at hoteliers and people running hospitality businesses, from large to small. I am always on the search for more resources to share and do so often on Twitter. I thought I would compile a list of some sites and books that I have found for free or a minimal cost compared to most books and resources you find online.

Hotel Books

There are a lot of books available on Amazon that have to do with hotel management that are available for the Kindle. 156 according to Amazon, and 95 of them are rated as 3 Stars and up. Here is a quick list of the books that stood out for me: * Spanish for Hotel Staff: Essential Power Words and Phrases for Workplace Survival - $2.99 * Hotel Bed Bugs - How to Check Your Room for Bed Bugs in 7 Simple Steps - $0.99 * How to Become a Perfect General Manager - $9.99 * Practical Hotel Management - $9.99 * Low Cost Marketing Strategies for Hotels and Guest Houses - $4.99 * e-Study Guide for Hotel Management and Operations - $9.99 * Hotel Sales and Revenue Management Book 2.0 by Carol Verret - $3.99 * Just Six Guests: How to Set Up and Run a Small Bed and Breakfast - $5.82 * Hospitality: Minnesota Nice - by Brian Nylander, $0.99

Hotel Blogs and Magazines

Lodging Magazine for iPad - It’s rare to come across full magazines available for free on the iPad, but this is one of them, and it’s a great find, too. Full of useful information for hotel operations large and small. Updated monthly, for free.

Hotel Business Magazine Podcast - published by Hotel Business Magazine on a semi-frequent basis, the podcast covers some broad topics with a focus on high-end hotels. I find it interesting to hear about the issues the larger hotels go through and think about how much simpler is to resolve the same issues at a smaller level.

Xotels - Xotels is a hotel management company focused on resorts from western Europe to the south Pacific. They also publish a great blog which details their accomplishments and provides tips on how to improve upon your own operation. I highly suggest subscribing to them.

Daniel Edward Craig - a hotel and travel industry marketing consultant, Daniel writes a wonderful blog with a focus on social media and online reputation management (through TripAdvisor and other review sites). Another great, must-read.

Hotel Yield Management - Educational Kit - this book is published through Scribd, an online repository for books and PDFs. It’s very detailed and provides a good understanding of what yield/revenue management is. It is available for free online to read. In order to download, you either have to submit your own PDF or purchase a subscription plan.

If you have other suggestions, please include them in the comments below and I will update this post with them.