SimpleHoney - New Hotel Booking Site

I read with interest about a new hotel site that launched, SimpleHoney. The initial article was from TechCrunch, SimpleHoney to Find Hotels You Love because the co-founders have been involved with some other startups. While other hotel booking sites focus on price, SimpleHoney is going to focus on the user.

I went through the sign-up process and it’s different from the get-go. Enter in your email address, then choose what type of hotel you normally stay at (Modern, Boutique, Classic, and Rustic). After you receive the confirmation email, you go through a more in depth questionnaire to pin point to find out what kind of traveler you are and what sort of activities you do once you receive your destination.

Let’s keep it simple, but have a good time! You know what kind of vacation you want to have and you know where to get it, so why bother re-inventing the wheel each year and losing precious relaxation time? You know what you like - when you want to travel, where you want to go, which hotel and even what restaurants. But you also might check out a new place if you find a good deal for a location that a few of your friends have recommended. Either way, we know you will always come back relaxed and content from your vacations - well done!


The hotels SimpleHoney matches up to your profile are a bit limited right now, because the service is only operating in San Francisco and Hawaii. There isn’t any information about the hotels either, apart from its location. The links are for the hotel website but booking capabilities are supposed to be coming later this summer.

Reading the TechCrunch write-up, there will be more features to come that will give hotels opportunities to provide targeted offers to potential guests (the example that was provided was specials on surfboard rentals). This is a great idea from the hotel’s perspective. Too often hotel websites are full of offers that are trying to appeal to a broad audience and rarely display something that would be of interest to someone like me. The more SimpleHoney learns about me, the more likely the offers will appeal to me, in a similar fashion to how Amazon displays personal offers to me.

Going through the comments to see what other people (non-hoteliers) thought of it was a useful exercise, as well. As a hotelier, SimpleHoney appeals to me because it will help some of the hotels I work with rise to the top to find their guests. These two people offered a similar perspective:


While most hotels try to compete and differentiate themselves from each other, they may have to work harder at it. A service like SimpleHoney will help dig down deeper into discovering what guests are really interested in beyond the normal offers (wi-fi, comfortable bed, decent breakfast). New hotels in development could potentially buy some of the data from SimpleHoney and find out how many people are interested in surfboard rentals and boutique hotels to create new niche hotel experiences.

Eventually, SimpleHoney is going to be charging $100 to signup for their service as they expand and hotels have special offers available on the site. Right now, they’re waiving the fee for new enrollments, so be sure to sign up today if any of this interests you.