The Value of Professional Photographs for Hotel Websites

I’ve preached high-quality photos for a long time as has just about every other hotel marketer out there: so if you still use homemade shots of amateur room setups at your boutique or B&B or Inn, you’re either being a) lazy, b) stubborn, or c) cheap (and considering you could probably trade a professional photographer a few free nights in exchange for amazing photos, this is basically irrelevant).

As many of you know, I like to take a scientific approach to hotel marketing and to prove how important good pictures are, this time I did a little experiment to prove it:

– Matt Landau, How Much Are Good Photos Worth?

Like Matt, I have always believed that high quality photos should belong on the hotel’s website and other profile sites on TripAdvisor, Expedia, etc. But until Matt ran his experiment and published the results, I could never state a definitive amount as to how much the professional photos would be worth. My reasoning before was always along the lines of “it looks much better.” Numbers always speak louder than words, though, so I’m glad Matt ran this experiment.

The way he did it is by using Google Adword campaigns with the same key words, ad copy, and landing page, but changed the photographs after a week. The results were a bit of a shock and worth checking out.

I wish other properties would do similar kinds of A/B testing to see which tactics truly work and share those results.