Las Vegas Hotels - Book by Paul Carr

Circus Circus:

70s comfort, style

A great place to bring your kids

’Cept it’s in Vegas

– Paul Carr, We’ll Always Have the Flamingo: 33 Dry Nights Along the Las Vegas Strip

33 Dry Nights is a series that Paul Carr wrote for Huffington Post to help promote his new book, Upgrade: A Cautionary Tale of a Life Without Reservations. With the series, Paul spent a night in a different hotel along the strip, writing a little bit about the hotels, but more so about life in Las Vegas and the characters he has come across. That only scrapes the surface of this series, and Paul’s writing in general.

Paul Carr comes from London, England, putting a different perspective on Las Vegas than most American writers (here is my take on Las Vegas. Paul is also a former alcoholic, so in the series he shares some of his former exploits alongside his more sober and constrained ones. He’s an insightful and funny writer.

I haven’t read Upgrade yet, but it is on my list of books to read. 33 Dry Nights is availabale to read through Amazon or through Huffington Post in its entireity.

You may also be interested in exploring his main venture, the Not Safe For Work Corporation, which is an editorial site written by over a dozen different writers.