Basecamp Breeze: Effective Group Communication

Every person has an email address.

Every small group should have one, too.

Communication is an ongoing challenge in any organization. Conversations can happen at any time, in any place, with any medium now. How does all that information get disperesed to the proper people to keep everyone in the loop?

A simple, and effective, solution is: Basecamp Breeze

Basecamp Breeze - Overview from 37signals on Vimeo.

It is quite easily the best email solution I have found for working with teams. I never want to get bogged down with a system that requires a lot of administrative work, or requires people to log into a web portal to access messages and participate. I prefer to keep things to email where: a) nearly everyone has regular access to, and b) where I want to do most of my work.

With Breeze, you get a special email address that acts like a forwarder. Send the message to that special address, it sends it out to everyone in the group. They respond to the message, that response goes out to everyone, as well.

It is that simple. For a one time purchase of $10, it is also well worth it. You can add up to 50 addresses, easily delete contacts, and setup so you can use alternate email accounts to send messages from.

We are using it for our Front Desk Team and management to make everyone aware of what is happening both at the hotel and special events in the city. If someone only works on the weekends, the group email allows them to keep up with the latest news without feeling a bit lost when they do show up for work.

I also attached it to the Front Desk email account so if someone sends out a memo during their shift, they can read it right away without having to check a personal account. It also eliminates any excuse has for missing messages since they will all be going to work at least once a week.

It is a great little solution for a big problem in most organizations. Even if you can't see it being used at your property, you may want to consider it for other groups you communicate with frequently.