Free Resources for Small Hotels

Little Hoteliers is a property management system for small hotels and vacation rentals (front desk system, booking engine for a website, and channel manager.) While exploring their website and looking at their products, I came across their resource centre for small hotels which have several free offerings.

There are 10 ebooks covering topics such as:

Reviewing the revenue management and dristribution books, I was quite impressed with how simple the books were to digest. They should take no longer than a few hours to get through the complete collection of books. Best of all is that they are free and yours to pass along to staff members or other people in the hospitality industry that may be interested them.

Some of the books may be of interest for larger hotels and operations, but in general, they are written for smaller properties that are unfamiliar with channel mannagement and online marketing.

They also manage a blog which is full of articles and kept up to date. Definitely a great resource to dive into.

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