Pickup Report 2016

The end of the year is nearly upon us, which is the best time to prepare for 2016.

Part of that preparation will include a review of your daily, weekly, and monthly revenues through the year and select periods of the year (i.e. your high season.) This review can be done through reports pulled from your property management system, but some systems can't give you enough information to make an informed decision. Using a pickup report can help you make that decision by being able to review the year in detail, showing you which weeks were busiest and also which months created the most bookings for months in the future.

This is the fourth year that I will be releasing a pickup report to be used by Revenue Managers and General Managers around the world- and I truly mean that. I have had emails from Canada, United States, England, Germany and more. Over 500 hoteliers have been using the pickup report, which encourages me to keep developing future versions.

The version for 2016 is complete and I am releasing it now. As a special offer for the readers of my blog, and for people who have purchased it previously, I am putting it on sale taking 25% off the price.

For people who have been using the 2015 version of this pickup report, I am developing another spreadsheet to pull in the data from the old form to be better on-going analysis. I am hoping by mid-December, if not earlier, that it will be ready. Everyone purchasing the 2016 version will be notified when it is released for download.

For people using the simpler version of the pickup report, if you would like a 2016 version, please get in touch and I will gauge interest in developing it.

If you have any questions, please email me. For more information about the pickup report, please see this page for a longer description.

Pickup Report
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Advanced pickup report for 2019. Track reservations on a daily basis for the month and have the pickup amounts calculated automatically. Watch your revenues grow through the year. Includes a guide on how to analyze the numbers.


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