RevPAR Hacking

A revenue culture spans the teams responsible for driving your hotel’s bottom line. Revenue management, marketing, e-commerce, and sales share revenue considerations at every level of their strategy. - RevPAR Hacking

I recently came across's website and read through a brief and interesting ebook discussing methods that hotels can apply to hack their RevPAR. It discusses strategies and methods to help the marketing and revenue management teams come together, unite under a clear strategy to build revenues. It also discusses the merits in giving front desk teams more flexibility in how they operate with guests to resolve problems.

It is a free ebook and well worth the fifteen minutes it takes to read through. One of the areas they discuss is something that has been brought up on this blog in the past:

A common problem for many hotels is that while focusing entirely on generating demand and shifting market share, post-stay outreach falls at. There’s quite a bit of potential future revenue in maintaining a connection with guests after their departure.

One of the main client hotels has been using GuestFolio to manage its connection with guests from the moment they reserve to after they check out. The engagement level with the guests and the emails they are receiving are quite high. It has been one of the primary reasons why that hotel has had its revenues increase by over 10% this past year- discovering problems in procedures, enhancing different services, and maintaining a positive guest relationship.

To read more about the philosophy behind guest relations, you can read this post on this site: Staying Organized: The Importance of a CRM for a Motel or Bed and Breakfast

Go download RevPAR Hacking from their website to help build your hotel's revenues.