The Vacation Rental Revolution

Combining my experiences in the hospitality industry and the knowledge I have gained in the past few years with running a vacation rental, I decided to create a short ebook to help introduce vacation rentals to everyone else that may be interested. It is written for people with no knowledge of the hospitality industry, keeping it as simple as possible.

The best part is I have decided to make it completely free. Feel free to pass it along to anyone you think may be interested in renting out their own vacation rental, or even just staying in one for their next vacation.

The short introduction to the book is found below, but the book is divided into seven steps:


Is operating a vacation rental for you? The challenges ahead and how to make smart decisions.


How many rentals are near you? What types of rentals? How is tourism?


Time to prepare your space, but with what furnishings? What else do you need to have to impress?


What prices are other vacation rentals? What is your break even point? What is your longterm plan?


How best to control your expenses? Potential problems and how to avoid them.


How will people discover your property? How do you help them return to you in the future?


How to make the launch of your marketing materials go smoothly and what happens after that first reservation arrives.

For those who wish to donate and receive future updates to the book, use the appropriate link below. Look forward to receiving some feedback about the book. 

There is a global trend happening that is scaring many in the hospitality industry: people are starting to stay away from the large hotels and wanting a more personable stay. The hunt is on for individual experiences, a story that can be shared with their friends and family. People are seeking out two different types of places to stay: boutique hotels and vacation homes. The latter allows for the most personable experience and is exploding in popularity.

It is a hospitality revolution. A great shift in booking trends that is being experienced around the world, all at the same time. People are booking spaces of all sizes and varieties: condos, whole homes, a bedroom, a houseboat, and villas able to accommodate 40 people. You can find these spaces in all corners of the world, from the Klondike Gold Rush town of Dawson City, Yukon, the remote Easter Island, to Kigali, Rwanda. The best part is there is always space for more homes and properties to jump in to be a part of the global trend, not to be excluding from it.

Creating that experience for these travellers is just as rewarding for the owners of the vacation rental. Meeting people from other parts of the world, sharing stories about your individual journeys, and, sharing the city you live in with others can bring a great joy within you that can’t be found elsewhere. One of the most rewarding experiences is telling someone a place you enjoy eating at or visiting, and then having them repeat their positive experience back to you. A journey created by both parties that starts at your own home.

Not only is operating a vacation rental rewarding for your personal enjoyment, it can be financially lucrative. Depending on how large of a space you are willing to share with others, it can pay for your monthly expenses, your monthly mortgage payments, or become a major source of income. With the global trend moving to these smaller spaces, the potential to earn income with a rental property is going to exist for a long time yet. That is a great positive for anyone looking to explore the possibility of operating your own rental property.

There are seven steps that lead towards joining this revolution. The purpose of this small book is to lead you through those steps, giving you some ideas on what to expect, what to prepare for, and to help you decide whether to make the leap to join in. It is not the ultimate guide in how to operate your property. With the variety of properties available to stay in, there are equally as many ways to operate them. The ultimate decision comes down to personal choice and comfort levels.

This book is to help you discover your comfort levels when it involves your property, and lead you to make the best choices possible. So grab a notepad and pen to make some notes, a cup of coffee or tea, and prepare to learn all about the ongoing vacation property revolution.