The Weekly Hospitality Notebook

Starting this Friday, September 18th, I will be publishing a weekly newsletter, The Weekly Hospitality Notebook.

It will be a collection of links that I enjoyed reading over the past week, possibly some older content that is still incredibly valuable, with an emphasis on marketing and revenue management. Majority of the major hotel sites are full of news that doesn't have much influence on daily operations, and the stuff that is of interest, is generally paid advertising articles. I will attempt to sift through all that to find the articles of worth.

In addition to the industry articles I find, you will also receive the articles I have posted on my website. Instead of receiving them daily, you will have the articles to easily review over the weekend.

You can subscribe through the link in the header, or click here. It will be free, but donations are welcome to help me unlock some additional features that will benefit readers- mainly having unlimited subscribers and removing the branding of the software.

If you have any articles you have written that you would like shared, or blogs I should consider, please email me.