The desire to know is natural
— Leonardo da Vinci


One of the most important areas to focus on with a hotel operation is not always at the forefront. It is something that will not show up in the numbers, in customer surveys, nor will it be completely present in the guest standing before you.

Research delves into the community newspapers to discover upcoming events, to the news about the local economy, to changes in important destinations, to even new companies entering your area. Research encompasses many different mediums and can happen on an ongoing basis or in a intensive weeklong project of investigating every factor surrounding the hotel.

This background information is something that usually lacking in most hotel operations. With larger hotels, the information can be gathered by the sales team, by the Front Desk agents, and the General Manager, but rarely is it pooled together for an active strategy session to develop marketing and revenue management plans for the coming months and year.

Research can also involve getting deep into the numbers to discover some missing trends that are not there at first glance, or it can go through all those customer reviews on TripAdvisor to find those little insights that could propel your operation to a new level.

If you don't want to get dirty with this information, allow us to do it for you. You will receive:

  • A report of important developments in tourism, the local economy, and Government interests.
  • A calendar of future events that may impact your operation (sports tournaments, conferences, highway construction closures)
  • A calendar of events taking place at your competition (as much information as can be gathered from outside sources and hotel websites)
  • Customized reports to help you discover the information you wish to know or transferring your daily revenue reports into a usable Excel spreadsheet.

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