At Four Sides Hospitality, we focus on smaller, independent properties to help bring them out of the shadows and make sure they shine in their competitive market. Regardless of what areas we have been asked to assist with, our process always starts at the hotel: the people working there and the guests already staying there. Connecting with the people always leads to more positive results when necessary changes are implemented. We are also firm believers in communicating effectively with the ownership, management, and employees working at the hotel to ensure everyone understands what our involvement in the property is to be.

Our name represents that approach: we zero in on what is available at the hotel, fine tune things as needed, and then use them as building blocks to help grow the hotel upwards.

Our expertise is broad within the hospitality industry. You can see the profiles and resume of our Team, highlights of our Projects, or a list of services we can offer below. Click on the header for detailed information.

Revenue Management

Working with us may be of interest if you are finding your revenues are dropping, or your occupancy is up but the revenues are not where you thought they would be. Let us help you determine your rate strategies, revenue forecasting, and give your Front Desk tips to collect the most valuable reservations.


Marketing has evolved far beyond print ads in magazines and newspapers. Let us help you decide on the most effective marketing techniques, whether it is email newsletters, social media, online advertising, or print advertisements. We have contacts for designers to help create the best looking, most effective advertising for you.


If your property has the same website since 2005, it may be time for a facelift. Perhaps it is your stationary and logo that are starting to look stale. Or you are wanting to start planning for some major renovations to take place on your property. Let us help you plan and implement these changes to take your property or its online appearance to the next level.


One of our strengths is in investigating potential properties and developing sensible business plans that help you land the financing you need to turn your dream into reality. You may also be sitting on a large amount of data at the hotel and need some assistance in making sense of it all - who are your main guests, busiest days for reservations, which room type is used most often, and so on. We love digging into the data and doing research for potential projects.

Vacation Rentals and Bed and Breakfasts

Vacation rentals are booming across the world thanks to sites like AirBnB. They also have different needs than regular hotels do. Their competitive market can easily be quadruple the size of a hotel's competitive market in some areas. Rising to the top and being discovered can be a challenge. Let us help you create the most effective online profiles and marketing strategies to make sure your vacation rental and bed and breakfast succeed.