Vacation rentals are a booming business in this day and age, as millenials travel more and want a more social experience. Other generations prefer staying in vacation rentals as they are less restrictive than traditional hotels and can be much cheaper for families to stay in. Websites like AirBnB have become extremely popular, and allow people to pick and choose what kind of rental they would like to stay in based on their needs.

The challenge arises with the vacation rental owners in attracting those travellers to stay in their property. How do you stand out amongst the very crowded environment? To give one example, in Kelowna, BC (population 105,000), there are nearly 600 rentals being advertised on AirBnB, and some of those properties are multi-unit listings. The potential spaces to stay in dwarfs the number of hotels listed for the entire Okanagan Valley (population around 350,000) does not even have 100 listings for hotels and motels on

The good news is you don't have to pay annual subscription fees for these sites to stand out. Through thoughtful writing and some simple marketing, you can really stand out and turn your vacation rental into something much more profitable. Capturing guests is the first step, and retaining them and having them return in future years is the next step.

One of our team members, James McCullough, has been managing a vacation rental for several years now. Using his hospitality expertise, he took a new rental and made it profitable in two summers. Best of all, is the property is getting rave reviews on AirBnB, and several of its guests are returning for the next summer seasons.

If you would like assistance in preparing your vacation rental for the next season (summer or winter) or just to make sure your rates and current profile look great, contact us below. If you are ready to commit, you can purchase in advance and receive a 20% discount on the usual quoted rate.